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Carpeted and Netted
Safety Gear Provided
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Welcome to X-Ball Newcastle

paintballgirl1If you've ever watched or played paintball, you'll know the adrenalin rush that hits you like a truck.

If you've ever been drenched with rain while
paintballing - you'll appreciate our roof.

If you're a HALO god, or a combat strategy gamer, you'll get to test your combat skills in real life.

If you want a Team Building exercise that truly rewards cooperation and will have your staff pumped & focused - XBall can offer it.

If you want a Bucks Party that doesn't revolve around alcoholic poisoning, we have packages to suit.

If you want to be part of the Fastest Growing Extreme Sport in the World  - well you better come see us about that too.

No more  IF's - It's TIME for XBALL